Our Process

Client success is our success. Finding the most qualified and best suited individuals for our client’s executive appointments is our objective. EMA Partners subscribes to seven-step process to achieve that end.

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Seven steps to a successful executive search.

1. Assignment Specification

We learn as much about our clients as possible through meetings with senior executives and key decision-makers or stakeholders. By understanding the culture and the business, EMA Partners creates an assignment specification that defines the requirements of the search. This creates a specific and tailor-made profile of the candidate who would best fit the position.

2. Identifying the Candidates

We identify the most promising locations where targeted individuals will be found and look for such individuals will be found and look for such individuals who are outstanding in their field. EMA Partners will use their own industry and professional contacts developed over many years in the business. This gives us running start in any given regional or national market. When an international search is required, our global network of partners can be swiftly alerted and brought into the search process.

3. Conducting Interviews

When a potential candidate comes to our attention, we arrange to meet in confidence to determine suitability and interest in the position. As we develop a short-list of actively interested and qualified candidates, each is interviewed in depth and evaluated by the EMA search professionals. Evaluations and detailed reports are then prepared for our client on those candidates that most closely match the position’s requirements.

4. Candidate Presentation

Finalist candidates are scheduled for interviews with our client’s key decision-markers. Afterwards, we meet in private to discuss the findings and results of those interviews.

5. The Offer Stage

Once a lead candidate is identified, a detailed background check is made and reference checks are completed. EMA Partners can prepare the offer of employment terms and conditions and if necessary, we negotiate the final employment and compensation package.

6. Sign-off

Once the successful candidate has accepted the offer in writing, we personally contact the other candidates thanking them for their time and interest and informing them of the decision.

7. Follow-up

EMA’s practice is to follow-up on each successfully-placed candidate during the first year of their employment with the client.

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